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Here are the contributors to this site:

Mrs. Chili is a wife, mother, friend and teacher who, among other things, loves to read, write, and watch movies. Inspired by Grammar Snob to open yet another blog, Mrs. Chili thought up Please Pass the Popcorn in response to Snob’s suggestion that we start a “lazy man’s book club” devoted to the discussion of film.

When she’s not neck-deep in a book or trying to herd her two pre-teen daughters, Mrs. Chili can be found in the English building at Local U., teaching Freshman English classes and keeping her eyes open for a long-term college teaching gig. You can read more of Mrs. Chili’s musings at A Teacher’s Education (where she blogs about her professional persona), The Blue Door (where she muses about the things that happen in her non-professional life), Yoga Balance (where she writes about things related to her identity as a yoga teacher and yoga practitioner and general student of life), In the Kitchen with Chili (where she writes about cooking and cooking-related things) and as a contributor to The Dark and Stormy Book Club, where she writes about the books she reads with two folks she loves and admires, Saintseester and Bo.

Saintseester, a wife and mother living in the deep south, is a casual movie buff. She has always enjoyed going to the movies in the theater, but lately due to life, work, and child-rearing responsibilities has had to get her jollies from DVD rentals. Thank God the husband wanted a big screen TV instead of a diamond ring for their 15th wedding anniversary.
Favorite Genres: Science Fiction, fantasy, and smart comedies

While generally sticking to band halls and fast food joints, Derek can also be found at where he ruminates on how people think the way they do, and who on earth let them do such a thing. Also, he tries to be funny.

Your other contributors, who haven’t submitted bios yet, are:






Organic Mama

(If you’re a contributor here and want your bio published, send a write-up to me at mrschili at comcast dot net and I’ll add it to this page.)


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