Candidely Spoken


Damn, Candide was awesome! I watched a recording of the most recent production as part of the Encores series at City Center. The cast, including the incandescent Kristin Chenoweth*, is wildly inspiring. The plot is this very strange, campy coming of age thing that spans time and oceans and life’s milestones. The music is Bernstein so, of course, it’s brilliant. I thought I was watching something good for me and it tasted delectable, too! If you’re not a musical theatre person it’s probably not your speed but if you have even the tiniest leaning in that direction I think you’ll be delighted.

* I read today that she was struck on the head by a falling light fixture on the set of The Good Wife today and taken to the hospital. Please spare a healing thought for her.


One Response to “Candidely Spoken”

  1. Misti Ridiculous Says:

    she ended her concert with a piece from this. I’ve seen it before, and was reaffirmed in my belief that she has perhaps the most incandescent spirit, and knows how to use it in the best possible way. I hope she’s better soon.

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