As a kid (and well into adulthood) I lived in mortal fear of some mass-hysteria apocalyptic event. It would stand to reason then that I would be heartily against any movies on the subject. Weirdly I have become fascinated by movies and TV shows about fictional pandemics and disasters. 28 Days Later changed the way I look at what I want to write.

I forget where I read a recommendation for Survivors. I think it was in the comments of a blog post or on social media in a flurry of movie and TV recommendations. I had barely skimmed the description, was relatively skeptical about how much I would like it, and left it lingering in my queue for months.

Fast forward 12 short episodes later and I’m a bitter believer. This Brit series about a population-devastating outbreak is surprisingly engaging and satisfying. The characters are interesting, the plot twists nicely, and it doesn’t reinvent the apocalyptic genre, just massages it into a new enough place to keep you slavering for more. The one thing to love about British series TV is that they challenge the American television buttonholes for women and minorities. The cliffhanger ending had me scouring the internet for Season 3.

There is no Season 3.

Well, that’s no zombie apocalypse but it’s a crying shame at the very least. I understand this series is a reboot of one from the 1970s, though, so at least I have that still to look forward to.


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