It’s A Conspiracy All Right



I’m going to own that my iPad doesn’t have super great volume and I tend to watch things on it while I’m doing other things. This does not make for a detailed and nuanced viewing.

There, now you know my shortcomings I’m just going to say that, after watching it on my iPad, I can neither recommend viewing or not viewing The Conspirator. It was an all star cast doing some pleasantly forgettable work of questionable historical accuracy. Watch it. Don’t watch it. I think you won’t be especially disappointed either way.

In searching for a photo for this post I read for the first time that Robert Redford directed. That explains the all star cast. I might need to retract my historical accuracy comment, he’s usually pretty good about that stuff. I didn’t like The Milagro Beanfield War either so it’s possible you can’t trust me.


One Response to “It’s A Conspiracy All Right”

  1. SarainBrooklyn Says:

    If you haven’t *read* the Milagro Beanfield War, you must! It will make clear how inevitably doomed the moviefication was. And it’s hilarious.

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