Bubba Ho-Tep


A year ago my friend, Roger, recommended Bubba Ho-Tep to me when he was visiting. I raced the movie to the top of my queue when I realized he was due for his next annual visit and I hadn’t gotten to it yet.

It’s…baffling. I mean, it’s Bruce Campbell at his campy best. The Ossie Davis shows up. There’s Elvis and Egyptian gods and an old folks home and someone blows up a barbecue. I…I just…I don’t even know how to tell you about it.

This movie isn’t even in the same galaxy as high art. It makes Campbell’s work on Xena look like Shakespeare. Yet, I can see why it’s become a cult classic. It’s so bizarre and unhinged yet performed with such commitment that it’s easy to be sucked right in. If you feel the need to be jostled out of your reality and into the possibly highly disturbed mind of someone else this is your movie.

Also, bonus points for the sheer volume of references to Bruce Campbell’s junk.


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