Wilde About Stephen Fry


Wilde sat on my shelf for a week or so while I got in the right mood to learn about Oscar Wilde. I shouldn’t have waited! I’m not a Wilde scholar so I can’t  speak to the accuracy of the portrayal but I can say that the entire movie was a delight. If you’ve ever thought you ought to know more than you do about this iconic writer I think this movie is a fabulous place to start. Make sure you watch the bonus featurettes so you can bask in the warm glow of Stephen Fry’s endless knowledge and grace.

With what little I knew of Wilde I had him pegged as sort of the first gay rights activist. Now I’m pretty sure that’s entirely untrue. A man who sticks more closely to his principles, though, one might never hope to meet. All that and he wrote one hell of a play when he put his mind to it, too. Add to this rousing performances by Jennifer Ehle, Jude Law, and Michael Sheen as Wilde’s wife, lover, and boon companion respectively and you’ll have plenty of fat to chew on.


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