The Doctor


I hesitate even to mention this, it’s such a cult thing, but I’m a Doctor Who fan. My doctor is and will always be Tom Baker. I like the new ones well enough, though.

Recently I caught up with Season 6 of Doctor Who, the first one filmed in the US. I had some things to nitpick about it. I didn’t think some plot points worked out logically and some of the emotions were completely insane. On the other hand some of the science and time-space continuum stuff was way above my pay grade.

In short, I loved it. The season stayed true to the sort of homemade, campy aesthetic of the original but was more complex and somewhat more polished, as befits this new age of the Doctor. A smashingly good episode penned by Neil Gaiman doesn’t hurt one bit, either. If you’re a fan, though, you probably already know this.


3 Responses to “The Doctor”

  1. falnfenix Says:

    oh god, *that* episode…made me cry, at one point. and i’m a huge Gaiman fan, so it was like a mashup of happiness and sadness all at once.

    also, this.

  2. kizzbeth Says:

    I had been reading about that episode for over a year by the time I saw it, maybe two years. It was everything I wanted it to be and more. So cool.

  3. falnfenix Says:

    same here. and i missed it when it aired, so i had to wait until it hit netflix. and i cried. and i was happy.

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