The Across Universe


If I’m going to be perfectly honest I have to say that Across the Universe probably would have sat better with me, it certainly would have made more sense, if I’d seen it all the way through from beginning to end in one go. As it was, the DVD was scratched and froze. I cleaned it, restarted it, and assumed I’d only missed out a minute or so of action. Turns out I’d missed the entire middle hour and most of the salient plot points.

It’s a beautiful movie, that’s why you see Julie Taymor movies. It’s not for the plot or the deep and meaningfuls and it’s absolutely not if you have a vision in your head you need matched. This is a beautiful film and I was reminded about a whole lot of songs I hadn’t thought of in a while because I am a lazy listener. I found the plot perfectly adequate.

All of which is why I can see how it might have been deeply disappointing to Beatles lovers across the, well, universe.


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