24 +


As a Capricorn I like to see things in order and in their entirety. Way back in the wayback machine when 24 was first aired I watched it. I must have gotten through a little over 2 seasons before schedules became tangled and I quit. For no particular reason I decided I should watch the whole thing from beginning to end again. Netflix Instant Viewing made access easy. That’s 8 seasons of 24 episodes each of disaster and mayhem. You know what? It wasn’t bad at all. After a while you get kind of blase about the entire United States blowing up and the president/first lady/chief of staff/head of national security being corrupt but the folks behind 24 just keep shelling you with excitement and top notch guest stars so you don’t touch that dial. Amazingly Kiefer Sutherland never phones in a moment of radiation exposure, helicopter piloting, or damsel undistressing in all those many episodes. He’s a credit to the job. It’s not art, that’s for sure, but it made for fine convalescent viewing this winter.

Now that I’ve said all that nice stuff I will also say this, according to the powers that be on 24 the most dangerous weapon anyone can wield is a vagina.


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