Bettie Page: Girl in the Leopard Print Bikini



In this bare 60 minute documentary you get to see one of the most famous American pin up girls of all time in all her glory. Unfortunately not much of that glory has been preserved for posterity so there’s a lot of repetition and not a ton of information. As a half hour presentation I’d have found it informative and engaging. At this length by the end I felt bad for feeling annoyed at a sort of wondrous story about a young woman so naive and accepting she accidentally stumbled into making ground breaking erotic imagery. It’s totally worth it to read up on her or wait for my review of the biopic about her. Knowing what I know now I’d give this doc a pass, though.


One Response to “Bettie Page: Girl in the Leopard Print Bikini”

  1. The Notorious Bettie Page « Please Pass the Popcorn Says:

    […] toward fictional accounts anyway I think I can objectively say that this is far better than the documentary I watched earlier. That said, it’s nothing special, but if you’re interested in the […]

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