Rage (Is Too Strong A Word)


Turns out I forgot to write about movies for a while. Like, totally forgot. Didn’t even just put it off, it fucking completely slipped my mind. In the immortal words of Hugh Grant, “Oopsie Daisy!

I’m pretty sure I had Rage in my queue because it was suggested by Netflix for actor matches with movies I’d liked. Then it was about a blogger and, well, I kind of had to watch it. Didn’t I? Didn’t I?

Let us just say this, the ultimate blogging movie hasn’t yet been made but this was an interesting try. Or, rather, it was interesting for the first few minutes and then we figured out the general structure and that was enough. It’s got a whole action-happens-off-stage Greek tragedy thing going on. There’s also a ton of typing with words appearing on screen. Lots of typing.’Cause it’s about blogging, you know.

If someone tells you to watch it for a particular actor it’s entirely acceptable to simply fast forward to that actor’s parts. (All of you who know how I am about continuity just fell over and banged your heads, didn’t you?)


One Response to “Rage (Is Too Strong A Word)”

  1. fondofsnape Says:

    love the picture of Dame Dench 🙂

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