We Go


ImageWe were going to see Albert Nobbs but the times didn’t work out. So we forked over the $18.50 to see Hugo in 3D. Well worth it.  I probably would have left it to DVD if we hadn’t accidentally gone and it is mesmerizing and just would not be the same without the big screen, 3D experience. If you will allow me to be kind of an opinionated dick for a moment I will share two similar thoughts. First, I could really get to like Sacha Baron Cohen if he’d quit doing his own material. Second, ditto for Scorsese. These are wildly simplified complaints that really mean that, for me, these two artists are better able to soar within boundaries. Your mileage may vary. Back to Hugo, though. There’s a beginning, a middle, and an end! Things are true, and not true! It is gorgeous. You should go now, before it floats away.


2 Responses to “We Go”

  1. fondofsnape Says:

    I really want to go see this! Maybe this weekend…

  2. Magpie Says:

    Loved it. We all did: 8yo, husband who really likes movies, and usually indifferent me.

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