Cowboys and Alizzzzzzzzzz


ImageWith high hopes my friend bought a cheap DVD copy of Cowboys and Aliens. Again, all we wanted was a goofy action movie to hold our interest while switching our brains off. Our brains were tired.

Well, the good news is our brains got a nice rest. It’s a decent cowboy flick. You’ll recognize parts of Silverado, Indiana Jones, and a million others. It’s a terrible science fiction movie, though you will recognize tiny, poorly translated details of Aliens and, I don’t know, Back to the Future or something. It ought to be a treat but it’s flat as a pancake. If you must watch turn it off about 20 minutes in, for the first 20 minutes at least Paul Dano is doing something against type which is interesting to watch. This photo represents basically the only consistently interesting thing in the movie, Daniel Craig’s nudity, and I know that’s not going to work for everyone.


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