Chili Quick Hit: Tintin


So, Kizz has come up with the simple and BRILLIANT plan of writing brief comments about the films she sees as she sees them and posting them here.  I saw a TON of films last year, but I never made a single post here because I never felt like I had the time to write “proper” reviews.  Well, screw that; I’d rather write a brief reflection than let the experience evaporate into the ether of my brain, so I’ll stop by here every time I get to the end credits of a movie and, at the very least, list the film I saw.  Maybe I’ll come back and flesh out those reflections, maybe I won’t, but at least there’ll be SOMETHING here to document what I’ve seen.

I’ll start with Tintin.

image credit

We (“we” being Mr. Chili, Bruder Chili, the girls and I) saw it over the holiday break, and we enjoyed ourselves quite a bit.  I have NO experience with the books beyond having seen them in the girls’ room – both my daughters and my husband and his twin grew up reading the Tintin stories, so they had a different experience than I.  Regardless, I enjoyed the film; it was a well-considered story done with lovely animation.

I will say this quick thing in terms of review; this was not, strictly speaking, a “kid” movie.  Both violence and drinking to excess figured heavily into the plot, and a number of the nuances of the story would have been lost, I think, on the under-12 set.  That didn’t matter a bit to us – both our kids are well above grade-level in their capacity to understand complex stories – but I think that most of the film was well above the heads of the numerous 5-and-under patrons at the theatre that day.


One Response to “Chili Quick Hit: Tintin”

  1. bethany Says:

    loved it more than i expected to, having grown up on the books, and my 5 and 9 year old boys were on the edge of their seats, having devoured every tintin book they’ve managed to get their hands on. i found tintin’s character truer to the books than I expected based on reviews i read before going, they nailed his spirit as far as i’m concerned. i’d have had issues with the drinking/violence if they’d not already seen it all in comic form, but i think they have the context to handle it.

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