Huge Sigh of Relief


00024953I wound up seeing Time Traveler’s Wife on Friday. We were supposed to see Paper Heart but I’d read the time wrong and we were at the theatre with almost 2 hours to spare and the other movie we could agree on was TTW. It seemed meant to be so in I went with all my trepidation.

Unwarranted, it seems. I haven’t re-read the book in preparation so I wasn’t bothered by the manipulation that must have occurred to wrangle such a twisted timeline into 2 hours on the screen. I was completely satisfied and found myself (silently) screaming the same words I did as I read the book. “Don’t go! Don’t go!” Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams did justice to the characters and beautifully honored the relationship.

It’s a brilliant story whether you’re reading or watching. If you don’t know it you should. Don’t even finish reading this post just hit the bookstore and the cinema and immerse yourself ASAP.

My movie going companion hadn’t read the book and as we headed for the elevator I asked him if he liked the movie. He replied, “It was wonderful.” So thank you creative team for allaying my fears. I feel certain you love the story as much as I do.


2 Responses to “Huge Sigh of Relief”

  1. Grammar Snob Says:

    I’m working my way through the book and it’s sucked me in good and hard. I am crazy in love with Henry and Clare.

  2. kizzbeth Says:

    You’re so lucky to be reading it for the first time. Sigh.

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