Thank You Mr. Hughes


some_kind_of_wonderful Tomorrow, when I get paid I’ll be indugling myself in a copy of Some Kind of Wonderful on DVD. It wasn’t the most popular of John Hughes‘ movies but it was the one that touched me most deeply. Peruse his filmography and see how much of his work has influenced the way you date or kiss or play the drums.  Mr. Hughes passed away today in New York. He is survived by many family members and an entire generation of people unrelated to him who feel as though he lived inside their heads, or at least their hearts.

Thank you, Mr. Hughes, for all you gave me. If it doesn’t seem too greedy, when I go, wherever I go, would you please let me know the rest of the joke with the blond, the poodle and the salami?


3 Responses to “Thank You Mr. Hughes”

  1. zeldapinwheel Says:

    I remember seeing this at the movies…cried like a baby. Of course I did.


    this death, was a bigger blow than Farrah, or Michael, or any of the other ten that happened this summer.

  2. kizzbeth Says:

    Yeah, seriously. I mean, I’m sad that the others have gone (please forgive me, Mr. McMahon) but this one changes things in a different way. Which is weird I guess, since he hadn’t been making these kinds of movies for a long time but it’s still true.

  3. nhfalcon Says:

    For me, Hughes’ movies, and therefore his death, are poignant because I WAS one of those kids that he made his movies about. I am an 80s child (I graduated high school in 1987), and so “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and “The Breakfast Club” and the others are calssics on a pretty personal level.

    I’m still gonna miss Farrah more, but that’s on a different level… 🙂

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