I wrote a little something about a movie over on my personal blog. Since it’s somewhat politically charged I decided not to do it here. We’re not that type of site, right?


2 Responses to “Elsewhere”

  1. Grammar Snob Says:

    I’ve only seen the very end of it (say, 10 minutes) and I was upset about the election all over again. I need to see the entire thing, but at a time when I can devote some good solid time being irritated!

    I will see it, though, for I love me some Spacey and Leary.

  2. Kizz Says:

    Honestly, I didn’t watch it all in one go. I watched a chunk, went away, watched another chunk, went away and finally dug in for the remainder of the long haul. It can produce some intense irritation but I also learned stuff. More even than I talked about in that piece. The level at which our voting process isn’t homogeonized is surprising to me. Yet, there’s no unflawed way to tally votes so a solution is not so simple.

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