ENG 644: Special Topics. Film and Literature


I’m working on putting together a college course on film and lit. and I’m wondering if I can get some of your input on my thinking.

I’m writing the course in sections (I’m getting through about a week in a sitting) and am posting my ideas as soon as I get them onto paper and in a format that actually makes sense outside of my own head. The first installment of the class is here.

If you’ve got the time and the inclination, I’d really love it if you’d stop by and add your proverbial two cents. Be creative, ask questions, rip it to shreds; I’m good with critique and I really want to get this at least really good – if not entirely fantastic – in the next month or two, so I’m eager for as much help as I can get. I’m hoping to shop it to some local institutions of higher learning and wow them so much that they can’t NOT hire me.


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