Help a Sister Out


My family is watching a Mythbusters episode in which the boys try out blindfolded driving inspired, it seems, by the scene in Scent of a Woman (HOOO-ah!) in which Al Pacino’s blind character takes a sports car out for a spin with nothing but his sighted (and terrified) passenger for guidance.

I DISTINCTLY remember a movie in which a blind character is pulled over by a cop. Once the officer realizes the driver is blind, he asks him what the hell he’s doing behind the wheel. The answer is that the other people in the car are too drunk to operate the vehicle.

I can’t remember the name of the movie or the actor who played the lead, though I THINK it was Jeff Bridges (or someone who looks remarkably like him). I came up with “Do You See What I Hear” as a title, but that came up with nothing in an internet search.

Anyone know what the hell I’m remembering?


One Response to “Help a Sister Out”

  1. nhfalcon Says:

    Oh, come ON, Mrs. C! We talked about this movie over at the Eyrie a while back. I’m very disappointed in you!

    Clearly your time in the presence of “The One” down in DC has slowed your mind. 😉

    The title of the movie is “If You Could See What I Hear.” It starred Marc Singer as musician Tom Sullivan.

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