Sneaking In Some Small-screen Action


Are you watching How I Met Your Mother? I know we usually keep things over here to the Big Screen but I just watched an episode where I actually laughed, cried and it was better than Cats. I mean, I like Cats but I never left the theatre wanting to turn right around and see it again. I rewound the last act of this episode and watched it again. I only stopped myself from rewinding a second time because I wanted so much to tell the internet about it.

While I wouldn’t call it easy to write a sitcom I would say that there is a formula one can resort to that will yield a perfectly serviceable show. Really good creators and writers use the formula as a platform for brilliance and it takes no less than constant inspiration and vigilance to do so. There is a sweet spot that must be found where one balances on the knife edge between thoughtful setups and whopper one liners.

The folks at How I Met Your Mother dance like the Bolshoi along that cleaver. The March Madness episode? When was the last time you saw a sitcom weave in new information, a cultural standard activity and previous plot lines into one enormous basket of giggles? Frasier maybe? Frasier often stole their first act from a great bag of cliches and then they’d take it about 3 steps further, usually into some place much funnier than the set up.

Tonight (SPOILERS AHEAD) How I Met Your Mother used three different storylines, all perfectly funny in their own right, to craft a wrap up that brought this former trombone player to tears of both laughter and squee. Lilly had a relatively lame storyline about bringing Marshall a present. Ted & Barney were, of course, trying to pick up chicks and wound up with a Big 10 marching band drinking in Ted’s living room. Marshall spent the episode with Robin, lamenting the loss of beloved rituals with Lilly as their relationship “matures”.  So, final act, there sits Lilly, all alone in the airport and someone sits down next to her? Marshall? No. Ted? Robin? Barney? Some homeless dude? No ne no no no! It’s a clarinet player. He is shortly joined by a pair of trumpeters and eventually the whole Big 10 marching band! I was in marching band! How did they know?!?!?!  Then Marshall arrives and makes his declaration of continued love and the fight song plays and we cut to Barney with a show-ending zinger.

I can’t do it justice but I don’t want to. I want you to watch it for yourself. It’s a big, wide internet I’m sure you can find some episodes for yourself. Please let me recommend Slapsgiving or the one where Lilly moves in with Barney or the one the one with Let’s Go to the Mall! Oh! Even better, the one with the follow up video to Let’s Go to the Mall!

Each one is only 22 minutes out of your life. I can’t imagine you’ll regret it. I mean, who doesn’t like a good love story…with a marching


3 Responses to “Sneaking In Some Small-screen Action”

  1. Jessica Says:

    I didn’t start watching this show until this season (or the end of last season). I don’t know why, I just wasn’t interested. But now it’s part of my Monday line-up, and even though I should hate Barney, I think he’s the best character on the show. So, anyway, yeah, what is it, exactly about a marching band? Is it because I was in band in junior high that I am a ho for all things band-ish? Is that why I suffered through Nick Cannon like 8 times to watch Drumline? And is that why I cheered at the end of last night’s HIMYM? Is it? Must be.

  2. thebutton Says:

    I adore this show. It is loveable, funny, and so much more. I have yet to see season 3 or 4 yet, so pardon me for skipping the spoiler bit. Being in Germany, we are a tad behind the times. Another great sitcom is Big Bang Theory. I love me my geeks! 😀

  3. farnaz Says:

    hiii!i’m iranian &i can’t write english wel!!!i love this show it’s so fun….i watch this in farsi1 tv everyday & it’s not finishhhhhh & iwant know what happen in end & who’s thei mam!!!!

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