Cranking It Up To 10


It seems that the busy season is taking its toll on all of us here at PPP. I’m not ready to say all the complicated things I want to say about the movies I’ve seen in the last two months but I really want to kick something in over here so I decided to call on the power of 10 Things Tuesday. When in doubt go to a meme, right? It’s the first rule of blogging.

I’m going to be a little bit random and just do 10 movies on my shelf.

1. All but the last season of Gilmore Girls. I prefer to remember them in their best light so I haven’t gotten the final season.

2. All the seasons of Buffy except 4 and 7. Teddy’s Girl borrowed 4 yesterday to help satisfy an obsession with one of the actors from Hush. Audio Girl has 7 because, after being a loyal Vamp Patroller she somehow missed the series finale. That hurt my heart so much that I almost pulled a hammy getting the final season into her hands.

3. Thirteen is the first movie I ever described as “relentless.” In a good way of course. The most petrifying part of this is that it’s written by a 13-year-old (at least partly) and yet the message is that parents, even the best ones, can be right there and still things will just happen.

4. Happy Feet, which I’ve never seen but my mother sent it to me in a box with a few other movies she was lending me. Honestly I don’t have any interest in seeing it but it’s there and I might watch it anyway.

5. Home For the Holidays is one of my favorite movies of all time. Easily Top 5. Easily desert island movie. It is all that we love and hate about our families and, more importantly, all we somehow cannot live without, even when it hurts so much it feels like we’re being slowly, carefully flayed. And yet it’s funny, too.

6. Big Fish makes me feel guilty because it doesn’t belong to me. Charlie moved away and I didn’t give it back to her. I should just mail it to her. I mean, I liked it but I didn’t love it so it’s not like I’m watching it every weekend and even if I was it belongs to Charlie so I should give it back.

7. George Soros In His Own Words. I haven’t watched that one yet either. I can’t tell you why I own it. Let’s just say no more about it, shall we?

8. Jonatha Brooke Live in New York. I went to this concert with Chili for our birthdays one year. I liked Jonatha before the concert. I love her now, deeply.

9. Sideways starring my almost, sort of, a little bit cousin, Paul Giamatti. At my last job I sat next to the world’s most boring guy for a while. He went on at length about how much he hated this movie because the ending was ambiguous. Well, he didn’t say the ending was ambiguous he said it was sad and too real and he didn’t go to the movies to see reality, he went to be entertained. I disagree on so many levels it’s a wonder I didn’t bust a neck vessel listening to him blather on like an ass.

10. Miracle. If you don’t like a good sports movie with the underdogs and the stress and the victory and the moral compass then I think you might be dead inside. I’m so sorry for you. Can I lend you Miracle? How about Mystery, Alaska? I’ll buy you a copy of Vision Quest if you like. Come on. Live a little.

What’s on your shelf?


6 Responses to “Cranking It Up To 10”

  1. Mrs. Chili Says:

    Holy crap. Of these, I only have the first season of Gilmore Girls. I’ve seen Happy Feet (I have little kids; we saw it in the theatre. It was cute, certainly, but I didn’t love it enough to buy it, if that tells you anything). Beyond that, I’ve seen precisely ZERO of your list. Wow. That surprises me.

  2. kizzbeth Says:

    Now just wait a couple of minutes and check out the other 10 I’m putting up at my own place and see what your score is out of twenty!

  3. mabnyc Says:

    There’s a lot more than this, but…

    1. The Stanley Kubrick Collection – Everything from “Lolita” through “Eyes Wide Shut”. Essential. Do you hear me? Essential! Except for “Eyes Wide Shut”.

    2. Seasons 1-10 of “The Simpsons” – No explanation should be necessary.

    3. All 6 “Star Wars” movies – Varying levels of quality, but I’m anal about having everything in a set.

    4. All 3 “Lord of the Rings” movies – But not the extended versions. Love ’em. Although I find the books kinda boring, especially “Fellowship”.

    5. “The Big Lebowski” – I laugh every time at at least 40% of the lines spoken in this movie. Several other Coen Bros. flicks are on the shelf too.

    6. “The Godfather” trilogy – Nothing original I can (or need) say. I and II = brilliant. III = eh. Yadda yadda.

    7. “The Triplets of Belleville” – Weird and wonderful. A truly unique animation.

    8. “Toy Story” and “Toy Story 2” – The Boy loves ’em. Me too. Pixar rules.

    9. Everything Monty Python ever did – All 45 episodes of “Flying Circus” and the three movies. (Okay, no “And Now for Something Completely Different”, which was just a re-filming of “Flying Circus” sketches for American audiences. Inessential.) Again, no explanation necessary.

    10. “Children of Men” – Alfonso Cuaron just gets better and better. Two of the most brilliant single-shot scenes I’ve seen in just about forever. Awesome and disturbing.

  4. Kizz Says:

    You keep trying to sell me on the Kubrick thing and…I just can’t. Clockwork Orange I love but beyond that I’ve not been able to get the hook.

    Never watched or really like the Simpsons. Always feel like a tool for that.

    I would love to own all the Star Wars.

    I’ve seen all the extended LotR. I like ’em but I’m not going to sit down and watch ’em all again I don’t think. Reading them is out of the question.

    I should probably watch Big Lebowski again and see if it makes more of an impression on me this time. I love some Coen Bros films but a lot just leave me swinging in the wind.

    I have the Godfathers, too. So flipping good. The first one is still, I think, my favorite movie of all time.

    I don’t own Triplets but Pony Express does. It’s a treat. You should review that for this site.

    Toy Story 3 is coming out soon, better make some space on the shelf!

    Totally coming to your house for a Monty Python marathon.

    Haven’t seen Children of Men yet, know it’s a must-see.

  5. Becca Says:

    Currently there are more than I care to talk about, and most of them are for entertainment value only. Most recently though, I have been exploring blockbuster’s isles and these are the movies that have made me want to not return them.

    Inherit the Wind- Based on the Scopes Monkey Trials. Oh dear goodness, this movie made me want to devote a notebook to bone-chilling quotes and transcribe every other line. Gene Kelly and Spencer Tracy really deliver.

    Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day- a beautiful “period” peace where Amy Adams pulls off her normal big screen character type (which I can’t decide if that is who they keep hiring her to play or if that is all she play). The true beauty of the film lies in the central character, Miss Pettigrew, as we follower her around her day. My favorite scene is, believe it or not, a balcony scene. Watch for it.

  6. saintseester Says:

    I’m too lazy today to go upstairs and look at the shelf, but right here on my desk is a copy of Memento that a friend lent me back in April. I feel guilty because I haven’t watched it yet. Perhaps, in January, I will have time.

    I love Children of Men. The book is not so good, but the movie took the best idea from the book and made something incredible from it. I have to agree, it has one of the most compelling scenes ever in a movie. It took my breath away.

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