Pulse (2001)


Creepy.  Right before Halloween we tend to get lists of the Scariest Movies Ever Made on all sorts of websites.  I found this near the top of one of the lists and gave it a whirl.

This was remade (poorly, apparently) for the American market. But the Japanese original is nicely done.  It’s sloooow by American standards and has only a few real jolts, with some long stretches in between the “good parts”.  But the good parts are really good.

Here’s the trailer, which makes it seem a lot zippier than it is.

It may not be the scariest movie ever made, as has been claimed, but it’s definitely among the spookiest.  The ghostly images, particularly the stumbling female figure (you’ll know it when you see it), are haunting. They’ll stick with you a good long while.


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