Consider This Your Warning Label


You know when people say “This ________ should come with a warning label?” Well this movie should come with a warning label. I encourage you to print this post out and slap it on any copies of the Ben Stiller-Owen Wilson remake of Starsky and Hutch that you happen to come across. Folks, the flick is bad. Not like bad, bad-to-the-bone, like bad why-would-you-make-a-comedic-send-up-of-a-classic-TV-show-and-not-make-it-funny bad. OK, one good thing, there has to be one good thing, right? Um…the gag reel is good and I love a good gag reel. The moment in the gag reel where Snoop freaks out about the iguana is hilarious! I wish there was more gag reel in the actual movie.

You have been warned.


5 Responses to “Consider This Your Warning Label”

  1. mrschili Says:

    HA! I KNEW that someone would get around to writing a “you can’t have these two hours back” review! And somehow, I knew it’d be for a movie like this. Honestly, I’m surprised you even rented it. What possessed you?

    Is it just me? I don’t “get” Ben Stiller. I enjoyed Night at the Museum, but that’s about it.

  2. Kizz Says:

    I liked the old tv show, I have a little crush on Owen Wilson, I saw the car from the movie outside a movie theatre when it was out on the big screen and I continue to be unable to understand why I don’t love a comedian (Ben Stiller) spawned from the loins of someone as classically awesome as Anne Meara. These are my (kinda weak) reasons and they failed me. Lordy it was awful. Except the gag reel. I want to do a gag reel with Owne Wilson, how sexy is that? The only Ben Stiller movie I watched and liked, Keeping the Faith, was written by Ed Norton who I love to pieces.

  3. morgan Says:

    Sadly, I don’t find most of the “frat pack” funny. A few of them (Vince Vaughn, Owen & Luke Wilson, Ben Stiller) have had occasional comedic moments (and I think they are more talented than most of the material that they’re given), but I have a problem watching more than 30 seconds of Will Ferrell. I know that many people love these guys, though, so I may be missing something. Or I’m getting boring…

  4. mabnyc Says:

    The Wilsons are good when they have good material. (Paging Wes Anderson. Aaaaaand no one else.) I always want to like Ben Stiller but I rarely do. The material thing again, I reckon. I hated the end of “S&H” where Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul show up. It’s the most overused gag on Saturday Night Live already. (I cringed for days at the thought of Governor Moosekiller meeting her doppelganger. What’s the point, already?) And it’s almost never funny. People just go “Hey, it’s really them” and then…what…nothing. Whoop-de-doo. But I guess they had nothing else going for them in that movie, so what the hell.

  5. nhfalcon Says:

    Ben Stiller is one of many “comedians” I’ve never liked (with the exception of “Night at the Museum” and “Madagascar”). Will Ferrell’s another one (except for “Curious George”). Chris Rock. Chris Kattan. Rob Schneider. Chris Farley. Even Adam Sandler’s overrated, imho.

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