Syrius Question


Granted I’m less than an hour into this movie but I feel like Syriana is Traffic (the lower end American version not the stellar British series) with oil. Or maybe it’s like Crash. Maybe they’re all three the same movie just heroin-racism-oil. Not just in an “oh it’s an ensemble movie across time and continents” sort of way but specific shots and scenes and other details that I feel have been duplicated almost exactly but with different actors. Jeffrey Wright with that family member coming and smoking in his house isn’t that just Don Cheadle with his…I can’t remember, his mom? Am I wrong?

Perhaps I’ll feel less disappointed by the time it’s over. There’s still plenty of movie left to watch adn it’s a fabulous cast.


2 Responses to “Syrius Question”

  1. Suebob Says:

    It’s a decent story all mucked up by too much “style.” HATED it.

  2. Kizz Says:

    I was just watching the extra features and discovered that the writer/director of Syriana is the writer/adapter of Traffic so I guess it makes sense that he’s using a lot of the same tricks and twitches.

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