And The Gift Card Goes To…



Jennifer tells me she came here by way of Mrs. Chili (haven’t we all?), and she enjoyed the contest.  Jennifer, I have sent you an email already.  Congratulations!

No one guessed Thursday’s entry correctly, by the way.  Here’s the list:

  • Monday – The Breakfast Club
  • Tuesday – 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Wednesday – To Kill A Mockingbird
  • Thursday – Crossroads (this one, NOT that Britney screen test)
  • Friday – Moonstruck
  • Saturday – My Cousin Vinny

Thanks to those of you who played along.


13 Responses to “And The Gift Card Goes To…”

  1. Kizz Says:

    I love that you included a Ralph Macchio vehicle and not the obvious one!

    Congratulations Jennifer!

  2. mabnyc Says:

    Two Ralph Macchio vehicles!

    That’s what cinema is all about, if you ask me.

  3. saintseester Says:

    When I did them, it never occurred to me that he was in two of them. I always forget he was in My Cousin Vinny.

  4. mrschili Says:

    You know, Crossroads was the only one I got wrong, and I think I actually SAW that movie – it was about a blues singer and the devil, right? That’s the other Ralph Macchio film?

    Did Jennifer from Thursday Drive win? It turns out that I know quite a few blogging Jennifers…

  5. mrschili Says:

    Oh, and HEY! My Hunt for Red October still!!! Thank you, thank you! I LURVES me some Captain Ramius!

  6. saintseester Says:

    Yep – an old Blues man who made a deal with the devil at some crossroads in Mississippi. Yes Macchio was in it. I love the music in that film. And the devil’s assistant.

  7. Jules Says:

    I demand a recount! The Congress should convene for a special session! Were hanging chads involved?!

    LOL – just kidding. Thanks for the fun contest and I hope we can do it again even if it’s only for bragging rights.

  8. saintseester Says:

    So sorry Jules! I had to take the ones that got 5 correct and do a random draw. I am sure I’ll do it again sometime.

  9. nhfalcon Says:

    “‘Be careful what you shhot at, Ryan. There are things in here that don’t react well to bullets.’ Yeah – like ME! I don’t react well to bullets!”

    The devil’s assitant in “Crossroads” was played by Steve Vai, an utterly BRILLIANT guitarist who has played for (among others) Frank Zappa, David Lee Roth, and Whitesnake. He’s also made numerous solo albums. I HIGHLY recommend giving anything he’s done a listen.

  10. saintseester Says:

    I was thinking of Joe Morton, the actor. But Steve Vai is an outstanding guitarist – the music that makes the movie.

  11. Grammar Snob Says:

    I dropped out at Crossroads, but had the others. Knowing everyone missed it, I should have submitted 🙂

    Loved the contest. I’m working on a similar contest (have to run it by Chili) but instead of pictures, we’ll use quotations.

  12. Becca Says:

    Oooh! Maybe I”ll do better at that one. My results weren’t even worth sending in this time! 😀

  13. Jen Says:

    No, Mrs. Chili, I don’t have a blog…but I’ve been reading yours for more than a year now, I think (and by “yours” I refer to a number of the contributors to this site!). I don’t often comment but I’m getting better (read: braver) about it. I haven’t even seen Crossroads. I think I’ll have to now.

    Saintseester- I said it in my e-mail, but I’ll say it again: I really enjoyed the contest. Thanks for running it!

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