Burn After Reading


*Maybe spoilers? Maybe?*

There is little I can tell you about Burn After Reading that won’t give away the plot or the punchline. Oh, crap…too late. Okay so the movie has a punchline. I’ll say that again.

The movie–the whole movie–has a punchline.

The list of actors in this movie with substantial acting credit is fairly well sized, including Tilda Swinton, who I know best as Gabriel from Constantine and the White Witch from the new Disney adaptions of the Chronicles of Narnia. She’s a favorite of mine, simply because she is cruel-looking. Her acting: well, I would classify her as the evil doppelganger of Emma Thompson.

The movie is a must see, but can wait until you rent it. Also, I recommend you consciously develop an expectation for his movie. That way, it will blow you away all the more in the end.


6 Responses to “Burn After Reading”

  1. saintseester Says:

    I am supposed to be hitting this one perhaps on Friday! I am looking forward to it based on a recommendation from a friend who knows me pretty well.

  2. mrschili Says:

    Derek, this is a PERFECT post. You gave something away (damn! Now I know there’s a PUNCHLINE!), but you also piqued curiosity. Oh, and I TOTALLY agree with you about Tilda Swenson; she really does come off as Emma Thompson’s evil twin.

  3. seth Says:

    Check out the way the marketing peeps whored reviews. Totally misquoted so many critics – http://www.gelfmagazine.com/archives/the_coens_emotionfree_uneven_thriller.php

  4. mabnyc Says:

    “Pull quotes” in movie ads are notoriously unreliable. You can trawl the worst review for a one-phraser (or one-worder) that makes it sound like the critic loved it.

    You’ll read this in the review…

    “Skippy ordinarily shows a masterful command of cinematic technique that is sadly absent from this film. He substitutes slam-bang action that is devoid of substance for meaningful character development.”

    And then this in the movie’s ad…

    “[A] masterful command of cinematic technique…Slam-bang action!”

  5. AndKikki Says:

    Local radio host gave this movie bad review. He even said “…the worse movie of the year.” The movie he talked about the movie the more I want to go see the movie.

    I love quirky movies. I love it when only a couple of others and myself are the only ones in the whole theater who laugh.

  6. Katrina Says:

    I really like this movie. And I couldn’t help smiling every single time Brad Pitt was on screen. He got the biggest laughs also, not just from me either, but from the whole audience.

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