Contest Announcement


Do you love movies? (Are you here reading?) You may have noticed that I am changing the header image to a new release every Friday. Finding the movie stills has been so much fun so I have decided to create a simple contest out of them.

Beginning on Monday, September 22 and continuing through Saturday, September 27th, there will be a new header movie still each day. Those who can name them all (or the people with the most correct answers) will be placed into a drawing to win a Blockbuster Night gift card. The card is good for two movie rentals, two cokes and a bucket of popcorn.

Please send all of your friends over, too. If the contest is a hit, I will do it again later in the year. This first contest will not have a theme, so be ready to test the breadth of your movie recognition brain cells.

Remember, at the end of the week, email your answers to me: saintseester AT saintseester DOT com (and don’t spoil any in the comments!).


10 Responses to “Contest Announcement”

  1. Properly Pimping Projects at Saintseester Says… Says:

    […] of interest and tastes.  To encourage you to check it out and stay for a little while, we are running a contest beginning Monday, September 22.   At the top of the blog page you will see a movie screen shot in […]

  2. Kizz Says:

    How awesome are you? I’m assuming that we contributors are not eligible, thereby increasing the incentive for us to send over our readers?

    You’re the bomb….as the kids used to say like 10 years ago.

  3. saintseester Says:

    Thanks, Kizz! It is fun for me, too. I really had not thought about whether the contributors should be eligible; You make a good point. We should limit this round to our readers, and as an extra incentive, the PPtP author who sent the winning reader over, will also win a small gift! How about that????

  4. mrschili Says:

    I just assumed that we’d be excluded from the running, but I was going to play anyway (though I’m glad you’re starting Monday – I have NO idea what today’s movie still is…)

  5. saintseester Says:

    Oh! It’s a classic Marlo Brando. “I coulda been somebody…” Now, guess.

  6. saintseester Says:

    I won’t make the first contest too terribly difficult. I want to encourage people to come here, not scare them away!

  7. mrschili Says:

    I coulda been a contendah!

  8. saintseester Says:

    Yep! I love that movie.

  9. mabnyc Says:

    The director of the Brando film relates to the “A Question of Ethics” thread. I had mentioned Adolphe Menjou as someone who named names in the HUAC hearings. This director did the same, but for entirely different reasons. He believed that people should have nothing to be ashamed of and that political beliefs in a free country should not be kept in the underground. Those who were persecuted a a result of his testimony had a different view and he became a pariah in Hollywood for a long time.

  10. Contest Reminder « Please Pass the Popcorn Says:

    […] The “name the movies in the header” contest begins tomorrow morning (monday, september 22). Each day this week, the new image will go […]

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