Vampire Diary


*oh, what we do for spoils*

Another horror post, this one about the dynamics of human involvement. Vampire Diary is a “documentary” covering the relationship between a woman documenting the life of the “weekend vampire,” a section of the goth community seemingly obsessed with becoming or appearing to be a vampire. In the movie, the main character, Holly, is filming said documentary when she becomes acquainted with a mysterious woman who claims to be a true vampire. From there, they spiral into the depths of a love that is preoccupied with finding unsuspecting victims to feed upon.

While most vampire movies I’ve seen are centered either on the horror of existence or the sexual aspect of the Western vampire, this one goes to lengths to explore what people do for love and what people do for those they love, and to protect an the unborn. The vampire, Vicki, is pregnant, and her baby needs to feed just as much as she does. After helping Vicki feed on her friends, the subjects of her documentary, Holly finds herself caught in the vicious cycle of feeding and running when the victims die.

It makes me wonder what would happen if I was stuck in a relationship that was, literally, life-sucking. Or worse, one that was metaphorically so. I would like to think I have enough common sense to get out, but then again, I’ve done crazy things for love before.


3 Responses to “Vampire Diary”

  1. mrschili Says:

    I don’t understand “subcultures,” and this one in particular. It’s pretty serious, though, from what I understand.

    I’m not much into vampire movies, though I do want to try to get some of the HBO series “True Blood,” I heard an interview with the writer, and it intrigued me.

  2. Becca Says:

    I like to watch the documentaries presented by History Channel (and sometimes on Lifetime) on Subcultures. Some of these being documentaries presented by interested/informed people on certain topics, while some are actually more of a series, like “The Secret Life of Women.” I find them very interesting. I think I like them because they remind me that the world, though small, is not homogenous.

  3. saintseester Says:

    I am not sure I could make it through this one. The thought of anyone wanting to be a vampire just gives me the creeps. In real life I mean – I can read fiction about vampires without troubles.

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