Mamma Mia


There are a handful of actresses that I have loved everything they have done that I’ve been able to get my hands on.

1. Emma Thompson
2. Dame Judy Dench
3. Meryl Streep

My mother and I make a habit of going to see any Meryl Streep movie that comes out, simply because we love how she acts. Always have. Which led me to go with her to see Mamma Mia!

I’ll admit, I was skeptical of this from the get go. I remember seeing posters for it back in Las Vegas when it first opened, and thinking how dumb an idea it was. It would be a music revue, and who likes those, eh? I’ve been a moderate Abba fan (thought mostly was an A-teens fan (I know, shameful)), so the idea of someone arranging the songs into a musical was…strange to me.

The basic plot is: a young girl who lives with her mother on a small island off of Greece invites the three men who might possibly be her father to her own wedding. The turmoil lies in that Mother hasn’t had contact with any of these gentlemen since she saw them some twenty years ago, each one offering her a passion-filled night that Mother will remember forever. Now, the games are on to figure out which man is Sophie’s (the daughter) father, and try to get that man back in her life.

If ever there was a love story, it was this one. And adult love story at that! And I’ve never had so much fun at a movie in my whole life. Honestly, I was easily the youngest person in the theater by about fifteen years, and a there were times when old ladies left and right of me (genuine blue-hairs, mind you) were cackling and whooping at the screen. Everyone had a blast.


This movie has big name actors who sing. Meryl Streep can sing. Pierce Brosnan cannot. I am quite particular about the voices of singers in my movies, and if I don’t like them, I tend to not like the movie as a whole. This didn’t happen this time, fortunately, but I was fairly disappointed in how poorly some of the actors sing, so brace yourself.

That said, I think this is a must see chick-flick. You’ll have a blast.


11 Responses to “Mamma Mia”

  1. wordlily Says:

    I saw it with my husband. We both enjoyed it. I’ll agree with you on that one “singer,” definitely. Yikes. I burst out laughing when that started.

    I’m not familiar with Abba at all, and I hadn’t seen it on stage.

    I did think 1 or 2 of the songs were superfluous to the story, though.

  2. Kizz Says:

    Amanda Seyfried can sing, too, no doubt about it. But yeah Brosnan took me out of the whole thing. I’ve seen it on stage (got free tickets) and saw it opening day as a movie by chance. It’s not high art but it’s good fun and if you just let go and enjoy it you’ll be dancing in your seat. At least I was.

  3. morgan Says:

    My mom, Jersey, and I saw this together and we all had a great time. It was just a kick in the pants and we giggled a LOT. Sure, certain actors can’t sing, but I was completely okay with that because I really enjoyed how nobody seemed to take themselves seriously. Plus, Abba is a small guilty pleasure of mine. All in all, this was the stuff of which slumber parties are made!

    Tiny spoiler (maybe):
    I loved how Meryl Streep could take an Abba song and turn it into something as moving and dramatic as her performance of “Winner Takes It All”. Not something I would usually associate with Abba, but I felt like giving Meryl Streep some sort of award for that scene!

  4. mrschili Says:

    Mr. Chili likes Abba (I know, I know, but I have no influence over his musical preferences). I think this will be a rental for us…

  5. Grammar Snob Says:

    I’m renting it, for sure, but not excited enough to pay $10. Not a huge Meryl Streep fan, but can’t really tell you why.

  6. wordlily Says:

    I was dancing in my seat, too. Just fun.

  7. eatsbugs Says:

    I forgot to mention that they changed several of the songs to fit the story. I also forgot to mention that both the men from Abba actually wrote and produced the film, which is kinda cool to think about how this might have been a big flowing project over the long haul.

    Also, “Winner Takes it All” was fan-damn-tastic.

  8. NHFalcon Says:

    Did you know Dame Dench was in a “Bond” film with Brosnan? If so, do you still want to stand by your statement of you’ve loved everything she’s been in? 😉

    I mean, I liked the movie, but…

  9. mrschili Says:

    Dame Dench has been in quite a few Bond films – according to IMDB, she was in six films and one short as the character. I love her in that role – she pulls it off exactly right.

  10. NHFalcon Says:

    You’re right, Mrs. C. For some reason I forgot that she has pretty much permanently taken over the role of “M.” I don’t know why, but the only instance I was thinking of when I made that last post was her turn as that character in “Tomorrow Never Dies (which was actually her second go-round in that role).”

    Probably because the admiral she’s having a tiff with in the opening sequence is played by Geoffrey Palmer, who played Dench’s husband for many years in the British sitcom “As Time Goes By.”

  11. eatsbugs Says:

    I loved Dame Dench in all the Bond films she was in, and I actually like Brosnan in those films as well. He’s a fantastic actor, just a horrible singer.

    Besides, if I was going to have a high military operative/manager childe me for silly game-playing and fraternizing with the enemy, I’d want her to be Dame Dench, and I’d want her to step on my feet in her killer pumps.

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