Coming Soon …


to an Eyrie near you!

Why The Eyrie and not a movie theater? Because, honestly, I’m far more likely to rent stuff than see a flick in the theaters. Between the cost of tickets, food, beverage, and gas, not to mention the pain that is trying to find a sitter, it’s just easier to rent a damn DVD.

With that in mind, here’s a list of movies that I wanted to see in the theaters but didn’t, along with the dates they’ll be released on DVD. My intention is to either buy or rent them and then post my reviews of them here in the future…

Iron Man (9/30/08)

Indiana jones IV (10/14/08)

The Incredible Hulk (10/21/08)

Hancock (11/?/08)

The Dark Knight (12/?/08)


6 Responses to “Coming Soon …”

  1. mrschili Says:

    I saw Iron Man, Indiana Jones, and The Dark Knight in the theatres. I don’t really want to see The Hulk, but I really DID want to see Hancock. I’ll rent it, though. I’d recommend buying Iron Man – you won’t be sorry to own it…

  2. kizzbeth Says:

    Ironman was awesome. I liked both Hancock and Indiana Jones but they weren’t unmissable. I keep trying to see Dark Knight on IMAX and getting sidetracked. I can’t wait for and Ironman sequel actually.

  3. saintseester Says:

    One of the rationales we used when buying a large screen TV was the cost of taking a family of 4 to the theater. Easily, we could spend $50.00. The tickets alone would be more than what it costs to just buy the movie on DVD. I still enjoy going to the cinema, but more often than not, it’s a treat reserved for girls night out. The only problem with that is my particular set of girl friends aren’t interested in Iron Man, et al. They want to see sappy chick flicks, which do not need the big screen as an enhancement.

  4. wordlily Says:

    Somehow I missed Indiana Jones and Iron Man. We’ll catch them on DVD. I quite enjoyed Hancock, but my husband had to walk out before the half-way point, because of all the shaky camera work. We don’t usually watch many in the theater at all, though. This summer was an exception.

  5. eatsbugs Says:

    Of those listed, I’ve only seen Iron Man, Indiana Jones, and the Dark Knight. I can’t wait for someone to do the Dark Knight review, fyi.

    Iron Man is a must see. I liked it so much had to go back and start watching all the Marvel movies to date, because it is looking more and more like they will be constructing a continuous storyline with these soon. I can’t wait.

    Indiana Jones was crap, and I do not recommend anyone even renting it. I’m a huge Star Wars fan, but I long for the day when George Lucas decides he’s tired of writing movies, because then he can join the rest of us.

  6. thebutton Says:

    The Dark Knight is the last movie we saw in theater. Even with babysitters being scarce, we took the kid anyway. He slept through most of it. I did love the movie…luff, luff, luff it!

    I do not want to see the Hulk, I got enough in the first movie.

    The others on the list I do want to see as well.

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